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Bank of Shanghai Overview Chinese
Utmost sincerity and good faith


Provide professional services and deliver lasting values.


The mission reflects Bank of Shanghai’s responsibilities, explains why it exists, and for whom it creates values for.


The corporate mission is the foundation for Bank of Shanghai to create values for customers and serves as a guiding principle in our operations.


Professional services are part of what we offer to earn customers’ trust. We uphold professionalism and strive to provide our customers with more profound, appropriate, and valuable financial solutions to help them grow and achieve greater values. We provide customers with better, higher-quality services, and help them to enjoy convenient, modern finance to earn their trust and loyalty.


With value creation as the cornerstone for the sustainable development of our company, we focus on not only the growth and sustainability of value but also the robustness and sustainability of business development. We go to great lengths to provide boutique business, remain passionate and innovative, and create lasting value for our customers, shareholders, staff, and the wider community.



Be an excellent boutique bank.


Our vision depicts what we wish to become in the future and explains where Bank of Shanghai is headed and what values we will create.


It is an ultimate objective that we are destined to fulfill. We always strive to excel and take a leading position in promoting service values, improving management, growing financial indicators, expanding brand values, and enhancing human resources.


Service: Provide exquisite products and professional services.

Management: Deliver detailed management and efficient operations.

Finance: Achieve robust growth and outstanding profitability.

Brand: Demonstrate integrity, excellence, and respectability.

Workforce: Build a strong team of professionals.


Our system of core values

Our system of corporate core values (including core values and philosophies) guides how we implement our mission and vision and explains how we create value and what principles we follow in value creation.


Core Values:

Utmost sincerity and good faith.


It is the guidelines and principles that Bank of Shanghai was founded upon and by which has prospered.

Integrity indicates sincerity, faithfulness, the pursuit of excellence, and aspiration for perfection, and underlines the need for us to treat our customers with sincerity and our colleagues in good faith, stay true to our corporate mission and social responsibilities, implement our vision, fulfill our duties and responsibilities, remain dedicated, and do our utmost to always perform better.

Credibility reflects the principles of value creation that include promise, fairness and justice, and a righteousness for profit-making, and highlights the need for us to comply with the law, deliver on our promises, honor our words with deeds, uphold morality, and stick to commercial principles to earn the trust of our customers and the respect of the society, create lasting values, and realize win-win cooperation.




1. Operations: Market-oriented and customer-centric

Bank of Shanghai always puts market and customer demands first, aims for market recognition and customer satisfaction, provides professional and exquisite financial products and services, creates better values for customers, and achieves mutual growth with customers. We strive to develop a sharper sense of the market and a faster response to customer concerns, build a strong team of professionals, enhance professionalism and innovation, deliver unique and high-quality services, and raise core competitiveness.


2. Management: Innovative, coordinated, detailed, and efficient

Bank of Shanghai prioritizes innovation, raises an awareness of innovation, develops the ability to innovate, establishes and improves innovative systems and mechanisms, and fosters a culture that encourages innovation and tolerates failure. We also look at the big picture and incubate a sense of responsibility, cultivate an awareness of initiative and coordination, adopt a systemic and coordinated approach, learn to synergize, and push for detailed management by making it institutionalized, procedural, and standard, and strive to make management systems intensive and efficient, management processes scientific and rigorous, and management methods professional and targeted in a bid to improve management quality and work efficiency.


3. People: People first and tapping the full potential of people

Bank of Shanghai makes people the paramount resource by respecting, caring, supporting, and cherishing our staff. We pay equal attention to integrity and staff ability and put to good use anyone with good character and competence. We also provide platforms and opportunities to our staff and help them with their career development planning, pursue the development of bank staff and the growth of their values by treating them with dignity, confidence, and a sense of honor and belonging.


4. Service: Attention and care

Bank of Shanghai treats customers with good attention and care and offers the best experiences with high-quality products and services for value creation. We win hearts and minds of satisfied customers with motivated staff who are constantly looking to improve customer satisfaction. We strive for bank development and the development of staff and customers by fostering a sense of customer services that involves every level and subsidiary of the bank.


5. Risk: Prudent compliance and value add

Bank of Shanghai upholds prudent compliance, holds the bottom line of risk prevention, and carries out comprehensive, scientific, and effective risk management to ensure robust operations and sustainable development. We also build an awareness of risk management, strive to reach a dynamic equilibrium between risk and benefit, and introduce innovative methods and instruments to deliver more professional risk management and create value through risk management.